We offer an array of massage types and modalities provided on-site at your office, event or home. Wherever you are, we’ll bring a world of wellness to you and your team.

  • On-site at Companies

    We can schedule recurring days of the week or month, with one or more massage therapists working on-site at your company location. We’ll provide a dedicated online appointment calendar for your company.

    Just need us for a day? You can schedule that, too. Whatever suits your needs, we’ll make it work for you. All we need is a quiet room in which to work -- we bring our own equipment, and set up and break down our table(s) or chair(s) for each visit.

    We also offer workplace wellness training, such as stretching classes, to help your team reduce stress and maintain optimum health.

  • On-site at Events

    Whether you’re hosting a team off-site, conference, or client event, we can provide chair and table massage services at the event for your attendees. We’re available for half-day, full-day, or full-event bookings. Tell us what you need, and where you need us, and we’ll be there.

  • Types of Massage

    We offer table and chair massage services as well as a number of unique modalities (styles) of bodywork, each of which helps relieve pain, manage stress, and improve wellness. Our highly trained team is certified in the following methods:

    • Shiatsu
    • Active Isolated Stretching
    • Soft Tissue Release ©
    • Bowen Method
    • Rossiter Technique
    • Chinese Acupressure Massage
    • Lomi Lomi

  • Benefits of Massage

    The benefits of massage are well known and, increasingly, becoming an important part of company wellness plans. Regular massage therapy decreases stress and workman’s compensation and disability claims, increases focus and productivity. By helping associates take a break and relax during the workday, companies can help them do their jobs better and improve the quality of their lives. On-site massage services are also a powerful recruitment and retention tool for companies. Google offered massage as one it’s very first employee benefits (in fact, Google’s original company name was “Back Rub”). Need we say more?